Dennis Hof’s Final Interview

On this edition of Roker Radio I’m saddened to speak of the death of my good friend Dennis Hof. Dennis owned the Moonlite Bunnyranch and was the star of HBO’s Cathouse. A lot of people had a lot of opinions about him, but I’m here to tell you he was a good, kind Man. This is his final interview, from his 72nd Birthday Party, some 48 hours before his passing. I’m gonna miss you my Brother, keep the party going, I know you will.

Roker Radio Episode 110-Click Here To Listen

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2 Responses to Dennis Hof’s Final Interview

  1. Doug Blankenship says:

    He always had a way to make you feel special. I mean, in the grand scheme of things, who am I to a guy like him. But he NEVER made you feel that way. When he talked to you, he gave you his undecided attention and he spoke from the heart.

    My last conversation with him was him telling me how lucky I am to have Gina (my GF).
    Gina and I always joked about him trying to steal her away from me if I wasn’t accompanying her. Every memory I have of him will be a find one.

    I will miss him. Life will be a less exciting without him.

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